My 60 day juice fast results and the journey!

About six months ago I watched the documentry ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead‘ by Joe Cross one bored rainy afternoon.  I was not really expecting much, however, after seeing this film I was really inspired to start juicing and see for myself how the 60 day juice fast results plan would work for me?


I wouldn’t normally be interested in any of the so called diet fads that been about for many years now (I’m sure you know all the ones I’m taking about) and I have always previously been a firm believer in just eating less and doing more exercise to keep myself healthy.

This was clearly not working for me as I have pretty much been overweight during my entire adult life, maybe it was about time I started my own juice fast cleanse and see what the results were and review how it could work for me.

More and more people are finding out about juicing and the health benefits so I’m starting this web site to share my journey, my thoughts and some useful tips to consider before you start juicing.  oh and of course to share some free recipes 😉

I have been juicing now as part of my lifestyle since August 2014. To start with I  lost a lot of weight after a few days I felt amazing and I have never looked back.

Here are some positives and negatives to note before you start to get your own Juice Fast Detox?

Positives of Juice Fast

  • more energy
  • rapid weight loss,
  • feeling constantly happy
  • less stress
  • thinking clearer

Juice Fast Results

Negatives of Juice Fast

  • social activities involving food
  • cravings (occasional)
  • Headaches at start (if giving up caffiene)

Juice Fast Results

Always consult your doctor! Seek medical advise if you are going to start fasting or rapidly changing your diet.