Juice Fast Recipes



 The Cocktail Green Dream

I find this Juice Fast Recipe very refreshing and like to take it with ice first thing in the morning or for lunch, It also works well as a pulp included drink as long as you peel all the ingredients first.

Small bunch of Kale

Small bunch of Spinach

1cm Ginger

Half a lemon

1 kiwi

1 orange

1 Green Apple

Apple Crumble

14 day juice fast

2 green apples

1 Orange

1 sweet potato

2 carrots

dash of cinnamon

Try and mix up your juice fast recipes so you are having a variety of colours throughout the day.

I like to have a good look around when thinking about purchasing any juice fast recipe books as it can be very daunting. The good news is I have done this for you.

I found a very good eBook (link below)and you can even get a hard copy sent to you if you prefer 😉 It offers plenty of recipes as well as everything you need to know to get your started including a lot of info on juicers and the benefits of each juice.

It’s excellent value in my opinion and you will also get a free additional book so here’s the link. enjoy..